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About Me

I am deeply captivated by the intricacies of whisky, from the humble ingredients of barley, yeast, copper, and wood, to the remarkable diversity of flavours they impart to the spirit. Equally significant is the human touch; people play a pivotal role in shaping the character of whisky—the real piece of the "terroir" 

Yielding to the persistent encouragement of family and friends, I've decided to establish this blog. I genuinely hope you find it engaging. Your participation is encouraged—please subscribe and share your thoughts. I value feedback immensely and am eager to engage in enriching conversations. After all, whisky is as much about the connections we forge as it is about the liquid in the glass.

Apart from whisky, I've recently taken a deep dive into the world of Rum. A spirit which is as captivating and complex as whisky if not more. I shall be reviewing some great rums soon. So watch this space. 



Nikkhil Shirodkar

Nikkhil Shirodkar

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