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Gordon & Macphail Discovery Range - Aultmore 10yo Single Malt Whisky Review

Gordon & Macphail Discovery Series Aultmore 10yo  single malt whisky

Colour: Pale straw

Nose: A creamy fruit salad of apples(red and green), pears, peach and gooseberry had on a farm which has bales of hay-that sweet, slightly green herbal undertone. With some rest it shifts to the citrusy side. I get lemon rind, pineapple, nectarine and some sweet lime. Dilution keeps things unchanged.

Palate: A very light and diluted version of the nose. You get the same sweet fruit forward slightly grassy delivery but with a pronounced oak presence and some soft spices like cinnamon and candied ginger. Mouthfeel is expectedly thin. Nothing more to report beyond this. With water, though avoidable, adds a slightly floral flourish like dried chamomile, honey and a bit of white chocolate but completely kills the rest.

Finish: Very short and sweet

Overall: A clean, simple, and straightforward Aultmore bottling. Designed as an entry-level whisky it does the job quite well. Do not expect any fireworks.The TG is clearly those who are curious about single malts and are crossing over from other simpler and unchallenging drinks like gin. But at £50 I would rather serve the official Aultmore 12yo Foggie Moss which is bottled at 46% and naturally presented.


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