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Gordon & Macphail Discovery Range - Miltonduff 10yo Single Malt Whisky Review

Gordon & Macphail Discovery Range - Miltonduff 10yo Single Malt Whisky Review

Ex-sherry cask

ABV 43%

Colour: Deep Gold

Nose: Intensely honeyed with dried fruits like figs, apricots, prunes sit with bruised red apple skin, dusty oak and caramel. I can smell the honey even without picking up the glass. With rest it gets earthy. Potters clay, wet bricks and jeshtimadh powder(Indian liquorice)follow. Water brings out sour plums, cherries, orange rind and if you really dig a tiny whiff of sulphur.

Palate: A big sherry arrival with sweet dusty oak, chocolate shavings, liquorice and all the dried fruits from the nose continue. The mouthfeel even at 43% has weight and decent texture. There's a nice peppery spice which develops on the mid-palate alongside some tannic astringency. Nicely balanced. Dilution pushes the sherry back whilst making it fruity and creamy.

Finish: is of good length. Sweet dusty oak, honey, orange oils and liquorice linger.

Overall: Now it's no secret that I like Miltonduff a lot and it usually doesn't disappoint, as is the case here as well. While this expression is sherry forward by design it is not a sherry bomb and lets the distillate have a say. Even at 43% it has ample character with its rich honeyed fruit profile nicely progressing on to the herbal earthiness, countered by a late peppery spice and finishing off with just the right amount of bitter astringency. This is certainly well put together and punches above its entry-level designation.


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