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Paul John "Alter" Madeira Finished Single Cask Whisky-Club Exclusive by SMAC

Paul John "Alter" Single Cask Club Exclusive by SMAC

A review of Paul John "Alter" Single Cask Club Exclusive by SMAC

Overall: Alter, my third cask strength whisky from Paul John stands out as my top choice without a doubt. Fortified wine finishes can be a gamble, however the Madeira finish in this expression is masterfully balanced allowing the peated distillate to shine. The peat takes centre stage, acting as the glue that binds everything together providing a beautiful equilibrium of smoke and astringency. Without it this whisky would risk becoming overly sweet. Its akin to a subtle touch of salt that enhances the sweetness in food. Despite its accessible character don't be fooled into thinking that this is mundane. It boasts ample complexity to satisfy even ardent enthusiasts. While my experience was based on a small sample (a hint to Hemanth!) I'm confident that as the fill level decreases the whisky will only improve. SMAC has made a commendable pick and I highly recommend those who have yet to acquire a bottle to do so promptly.


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